The Truth Behind Making Your Own Home Made Laundry Soup

There are lots of recipes out there on how to make your own Laundry Soup and most of them consist of Borax, Washing Soda and a Fels-Naptha Bar grated down.Now this recipe is great if you are trying to save money but is is not as easy as it sounds.

First you have to grate the entire Fels-Naptha Bar or any bar of soap you may choose (some choose regular bars of soap but Fels-Naptha is chosen most because it is suppose to help with stains) which isn’t easy, it takes time, can be messy and is just simply annoying. I have heard of some people putting it in a blender with some of the dry washing soda or borax but let me tell you, doesn’t work like you think it will and how others say it will.

Now comes the fun part, boiling a pot of water to mix all your ingredients, now I am using fun in a sarcastic manner as it can be a tragic mess. On more then one occasion, even while trying to prevent it, my soap boiled over and made a huge soapy mess. I don’t know if any of you have ever had clean a mess with soap products, but it is not as clean or as easy to clean up as you might think. It becomes sudsy and there are bubbles every wear and it seems as if you are never going to get it all picked up, but after spending 30 more minutes it is finally clean, if it didn’t happen to spill down into your oven which adds at least another hour to your clean up mess, been there done that.

Now the resulting product. There is a ton which is great, that was the point, right? But now what do to with it all? The simple $3 recipe makes 5 gallons and if you live in a small space there is no where to put it all. That is the negative part, positive point is you have laundry soap for ever! It does work very well but is rough on your clothes so if you have delicate clothes I wouldn’t recommend it. The dark clothes fade fast and I notice it makes the fabric more rough or stiff feeling. You can combat that a little with vinegar which is a natural fabric softener but still not the same of commercially made soap.

One last note, it isn’t all natural because you made it your self. You have to keep in mind that you are using commercially made soap to create this product which is not natural and prices can get much more spendy if you look for naturally made soap. You could alway make your own bar soap to use to make a natural soap but that is another whole process in its self. If anyone is interested in learning to make the natural bar soap used in this laundry recipe let me know and I can create a post with the steps to make it.


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