Getting Kids (aka my daughter) To Clean and Stay Organized

Kids love to help, especially at a young age so why not take advantage of that now and teach them how to clean up after themselves and help you around the house? We all know kids in general are messy because, well, their kids but I have found that if I make a game out of putting away toys they are more apt to help. As well as let them help me clean, even if they aren’t exactly the best cleaners.

-One way I get my daughter to pickup her toys is I play I spy with her. I tell her, “I spy a teddy bear,” once she locates it she puts it in her toy box so we can look for the next toy.

-Another way I get her to clean up is a turn on dancing music and tell her we need to clean up all the toys so we can dance. After everything is put away we jump around, twirl and play to our legs jiggle from exhaustion, good exercise too!

-When sweeping the porch my daughter always wants to help so I get it to the edge of the porch and let her sweep off, it is a way to let her help and at the same time teach her to cleanup and that its not just cleaning but fun.

I also like to teach her at a young age to keep things organized so I have created a specific spot for all her toys and we do our best, while cleaning, to put them way in the correct spots.

-All her stuffed animals go on a pretty pink shoe organizer on the back of her door.

-I bought a bunch of pretty present boxes at the dollar store where we keep all her puzzle pieces and they are stored neatly in her clear container labeled puzzles and coloring books. We keep all her crayons in one of the halloween buckets she got from McDonalds.

-All books are put neatly on my IKEA spice wracks I put up in a corner of her room, (we are still deciding if we want to paint them or keep them wood colored, both seem like a good idea).

-Another cheap way I keep my daughters room organized is I have her put all her Mini Mouse toys and Jake and the Never land pirates in plastic wipe boxes. I buy the Huggies wipes from Costco and every box comes with an empty wipe container so I use them to store and organize with.

-I put my old papasan chair in my daughters room and on each side I put two old milk crates I used while living in dorms and sense they weren’t really that decorative I sewed a pink cover for them and we keep blocks in one and legos in the other, perfect to easily slide out and play with, then simply put back in the basket and slide back into place.

Those are just a few of the things I do currently to teach my daughter about cleaning and organizing.


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