1…2…3… Guide to cleaning out your closet.

closet organization

Every spring we clean our houses to rid our selves of junk we have collected. It gives us a sense of a fresh new beginning as the warm weather and longer days begin to appear but why not make a new tradition in fall to clean out those closets and get ready for a new season? Below are a few simple steps to help you do that.

1. The first step is easy and a no brainer… If you don’t like it, get rid of it. Why keep something you know you will never wear, no matter what “sentiment” might be behind it. At least, that’s why I have had a tendency to hold on to something I don’t like.

2.  If it is too small or too big simply get rid of it. We all have those “skinny jeans” in our closet but why keep them when there is someone else who could be wearing them and they are simply taking up space for that fabulous outfit you could make room for now. It is wonderful to have goals but we should live in the now. Plus when you do reach your goals, it is a perfect reason to reward your self with a new outfit that fits your wonderful new figure!

3. If it is stained you can either throw it out or try to get the stain out. Maybe spend a little time trying to remove the stain or take it to someone who may be able to help if you really love the piece but if it can’t be cleaned or worn why keep it?

4. If it is damaged, ripped or torn. Again you can try to fix it yourself or take it to a seamstress, if the cost and/or love for the piece warrants it, but if it can’t be fixed or cost of repair isn’t worth it, toss it.

5.  There is always a wear once type of outfit in your closet and it can be a difficult decision on whether to keep it or get rid of it. The way I decided on what to keep and what to get rid of is by deciding what it means to me and whether I could see if being used in the future whether by me again or someone in my life I want to share the item with. An example is, I kept some of my beautiful easter and christmas dresses, as well as a few dance dresses, in a hope chest to someday give my daughter and I was blessed with just that, a beautiful little girl that I can someday give those dresses too. Women also love to keep their wedding dress to pass down as another example. One thing you can do instead of just letting them take up space in your closet is to put them away for safe keeping.

6. Along with the wear once outfit there is the special occasion outfit The little black dress or suit and tie that hangs in the back of the closet for certain occasions. The key to these type of clothes is to only keep them if you love them, they fit and they are in good condition. If you can’t wear them then it is time to get rid of them. Another great thing you can do with that special occasion outfit? Make plans to go out and wear it!

7. We have a tendency to keep around clothes that we think will someday come back in style but that is a not a good reason for keeping clothes. Yes, there is a good chance it will come back in style but probably not in the next few decades, so unless you are keeping it as a sentimental piece, there is no reason to keep it, toss it.

8. I am notorious for keeping clothes that I love but seem to match nothing. With this you have two options, you can go out and finally find something to match that wonderful piece of clothes or get rid of it. One idea is to take the piece with you to the store so you can be sure to find a match for it.

Now that your closet is all cleaned out of the unwearable, its time to organize it!


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